Hard Water Filming

What is it?

A white film of hardness minerals from the water supply that appears on glasses and flatware.

To Identify

Removal of the film by soaking the glass approximately 15 minutes in undiluted white vinegar verifies that it is hard water filming and not another type.

Possible Causes Hard Water and Not Enough Detergent

This combination may leave hard water minerals that dry on the surface of the glassware creating a film. You may also notice a gritty substance inside glasses. This is redeposit food that has adhered and dried on.

To prevent, increase the amount of detergent used according to the degree of water hardness (one teaspoon of detergent per grain of water hardness.) Local water utilities or a water quality company such as Culligan can tell you the water hardness. Our service technicians can also check water hardness.

0-3 grains.......... 1 table spoon 7-9 grains.......... 3 tablespoons
4-6 grains.......... 2 table spoons 10-12 grains.......... 4 tablespoons

When water is over 12 grains hardness, add 1 teaspoon for each grain over 12 at the beginning of the main wash portion of the cycle. (Open door, add detergent to bottom of the tub, close door and the dishwasher will continue through cycle). If this does not give satisfactory results, the only solution may be to soften the water. When water is over 15 grains of hardness, it is very difficult to get good dishwashing results with any brand of dishwasher. Water in the La Crosse area averages 18-20 grains hardness.

Low Water Temperature

Water temperature must be 140 degrees F. to properly dissolve soap and remove food from dishes. Most newer dishwashers automatically heat the water during the wash cycle, so this is not a major concern for most people.

Not Using A Rinse Additive

A rinse additive such as Jet-Dry improves the sheeting action of the water, reducing water spots on glasses. If the dishwasher is not equipped with a liquid dispenser, hang a basket of solid Jet-Dry in a back corner of the lower rack.

Soft Water Etching

Soft water my combine with detergent to etch glassware, which can look like hard water filming. Etching also leaves a rainbow colored effect when held at an angle to the light. Reduce detergent to 2 tablespoons, do not overload machine with dishes, and skip heated dry cycle to minimize. Etching cannot be removed.
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